martedì, marzo 07, 2006

artiste trouvé sur la route

artiste trouvé street galleries
in association with grafedia.
five easy steps to becoming a curator.

1. find a good space with tallent. NB. degenerate submissions will not be accepted.
2. invite a local champ to create an addition.. if they are incommunicardo why not try tagging next to an existing example of their work with this way they can be notified of the project.
3. create an anonymous email account: one which cant be traced to your name.
this way we will never know who you are and as such can not provide any information. NB. why not try " trouver(+number) " ... the reference could come in handy!
4. write to artistetrouve at stating the location of your gallery and the grafedia address so that we can update the controle centre and any affiliated data-bases.
NB. photos are greatly appreaciated.
mark your space with " " to found your street gallery!

what is grafedia?

Grafedia is hyperlinked text, written by hand onto physical surfaces and linking to rich media content - images, video, sound files, and so forth. It can be written anywhere - on walls, in the streets, or on sidewalks. Grafedia can also be written in letters or postcards, on the body as tattoos, or anywhere you feel like putting it. Viewers "click" on these grafedia hyperlinks with their cell phones by sending a message addressed to the word + "" to get the content behind the link.
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